Happy Mallows - Lively Lemon

Happy Mallows - Lively Lemon

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With Fresh Lemon Curd running through them there's no wonder they're SO 'Lively'.


While being at food festivals we have been told time and again that our Lemon Meringue Pie flavour tastes just like a real homebaked pie, one person went as far as saying it tastes like Grandma's own... and it really does! These little delicacies really are that good. With baked, sweet & zesty all uniting in one marshmallow we are positive you will truly love them

Product Info

Only 45 Calories a mallow!

(Our marshmallows are all 100% handmade so therefore not all of these mallows contain visible streaks of lemon curd. All of these mallows certainly do however have the same amount going through them and therefore will taste exactly the same. Some simply may have had the lemon curd more whisked in and some less so.)

Contains MILK

Contains EGG

Gluten Free

Soya Free

Palm Oil Free

Corn Syrup Free

Net weight: 120g

Each bag contains around eight inch-cubed marshmallows.

Keep sealed, cool and out of direct sunlight. They're suitable for freezing.

They will last 12 weeks sealed and should be consumed within 2 weeks after opening.


Ingredients: Granulated Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Salt, Water, Pork Gelatin, Corn Flour, Icing Sugar, Lemon Curd (EGG, MILK), Natural Sicillian Lemon Extract, Lemon Meringue Pie Extract, Meringue Chunks (EGG).